Signature DMK Hydrating Facial

$115 – 50 minutes

This well rounded facial treatment is designed to benefit anyone but is especially helpful for people suffering from dry damaged inflamed skin conditions. It consists of a deep double cleanse with a DMK Milky Cleanser, Three different exfoliation levels allowing for the perfect type of fit for each individuals skin type, a DMK Hydrating Mask, a DMK Herb & Mineral Spray and finished with the application of topical serums, moisturizer and SPF.

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The nutrient rich DMK milky cleanser is formulated with a blend of botanical cleansing agents and calming herbs making it perfect for removing impurities, excess oil, make-up and toxins from the surface of fragile,lipid-dry or reactive skin. It’s gentle milky formulation makes it more suitable than foaming cleansers for skins prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


With three unique levels of exfoliation at our disposal it’s easy to narrow down the best exfoliation method or combination for each individual skin type.

-The DMK Cinnamon Quick Peel is perfect for inflamed acne, rosacea and pigmented areas of the skin, this cinnamon and cassia peel brightens and helps to slough off dead skin cells by using anti bacterial Ingredients that create a pseudo heat (warming sensation) to increases blood circulation and flush stagnant toxins through the capillaries.

-The DMK EXODERMA Peel is perfect for sensitive and reactive skin this non-irritating peel provides gentle exfoliation with out the use of abrasive grains or granules. Made from the outer shell of deep seaweed (kelp) this multipurpose liquid gel brightens by softening dead skin cells allowing them to dislodge and dissolve.

-The mildest of all three the DMK Desquamate Exfoliation lotion is perfect for any skin type. This amino acid based exfoliating lotion brightens by utilizing gentle ingredients to loosens and remove rough skin.


Dehydrated skin is more prone to inflammation, irritation and sensitivity. This DMK hydrating Mask provides supreme hydration correcting and anti-inflammatory ingredients that restore the water levels of skin suffering from Transepidermal Water loss (TEWL) helping to stimulate healthy cell renewal and collagen production as well as improving skin firmness while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


The DMK Herb and Mineral Spray is a specialized hydrating Spray that leaves the skin feeling plump and fresh by delivering a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids deep into the tissue to boost the immune response of the skin and support cell function. Transdermal delivery of DMK nourishing oils and cremes assures maximum re-hydration from deep within the skin.


With the choice of multiple serums to help boost the revitalizing effects of this facial its easy for us to tailor a custom combo designed to deliver the best results possible from this facial.

-Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum

Direct delivery of stabilized Vitamin C helps reverse damage from free radical UVA and UVB exposure. This synergistic blend revises wrinkles and fine lines to work towards a brighter skin tone and firmer texture.

-Pore reduction drops

Minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads with these natural DMK pore reduction drops. Unlike other pore minimizing products which use astringents, alcohols or abrasives which strip the skin of natural oils and lead to increased oil production, DMK pore reduction drops use an ionized solution containing an effective blend of herbal properties. This combination works to reduce the appearance of open pores by constricting the sides of the pores, making them tighter, more refined and less visible.

-Melanotech drops

These DMK Melanotech drops are specifically designed for people suffering from mild to severe hyperpigmentation problems. The blend of natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients works on pigmented skin as a powerful antioxidant fighting free radicals while brightening and revising pigmentation without bleaching the skin.

-Herbal pigment oil

-Seba-e Drops